Former Irving Avenue Truck Route Traffic Study

The city's consultant, Fleis & Vandenbrink Engineering (F&V), studied the area bounded by Lincoln Avenue, Mohawk Avenue, I-696 and Knowles Street. The study included:

  • Analysis of current traffic conditions.
  • Modeling anticipated changes in traffic conditions if road closure barriers (berms) are removed. See map below for existing berm locations.
  • Creating a report with recommendations regarding the removal of the existing road barriers (berms).
  • Performing resident outreach to learn about resident traffic patterns and resident opinions.

F&V created an online survey for residents in the project vicinity to give feedback regarding the berms, traffic observations, preferences, etc. to gain an understanding of the neighborhood opinions. The survey period is now complete.

F&V performed a traffic analysis using counters and visual observations. They used the data to model traffic conditions if berms are removed.

Boundaries (Click to Enlarge)

traffic study

The results of the study were presented and recommendations made by the Citizens Traffic Committee at the regular meeting scheduled on January 23, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. You can view the minutes for the meeting here. The Traffic Committee's recommendations went before the City Commission at their meeting scheduled for February 26, 2018. You can view the minutes here. The commission resolved to keep the current existing road closures in place.

Existing Berm Locations (click to enlarge)

irving traffic study

F&V Final Report 01-10-18 (Click to open)

traffic study report cover