Future Bicycle Routes

North-South Bicycle Route

Installed summer 2018

The city commission has approved moving forward with the installation of the proposed north-south bicycle route for the city. The Engineering Division, along with the advisement of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Subcommittee, has been working on a north-south bicycle route along Washington Avenue and Main Street with Euclid Avenue serving as a connector between the two.

Currently Washington Avenue and Main Street have two lanes traveling north and two lanes traveling south. The plan is to reduce the traveling lanes to one lane in each direction allowing the space to add dedicated bicycle lanes and a center turn lane along various portions of the route where space is available.

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The decision to select the portions of Main Street and Washington Avenue is two-fold:

  • Both routes have low traffic volumes that will be minimally affected by the addition of a center turn lane and the reduction of a travel lane.
  • The connectivity at the south end of Washington Avenue works better with Woodward Avenue and the crossing over I-696 (as opposed to Main Street); the connectivity at the north end of Main Street provides access to downtown Clawson, where Washington Avenue does not provide continuous access north of 12 Mile Road.

The selection of various treatments along the route were chosen to balance enhanced cycling and preserve critical areas of on street parking, as well as be cost effective.

  1. Areas that have relatively low traffic and stress levels are conducive to comfortable cycling in the roadway, so the city will created shared lanes. Cyclists will be able to use the entire travel lane and signage will be enhanced to notify motorists.
  2. In other areas with higher traffic and stress levels, dedicated bicycle lanes will be installed to accommodate both motorists and cyclists along the roadway.

Campbell Road Bicycle Route

installed summer 2018

This route will connect Ferndale's Hilton Road bicycle route to Royal Oak's existing E. Fourth Street bicycle route. The route will be installed as part of the 2018 CAP1806 S. Campbell Road Resurfacing Improvements project this summer. A road diet will be implemented between Dallas Avenue and E. Fourth Street. S. Campbell Road will have a dedicated center turn lane with one lane of travel for north and south bound drivers, with a dedicated bicycle lane along the curb line.


Campbell 4-lane


Campbell 3-lane

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