2.2 Ruck | Fun Run | Walk

Ruck March 2018

Join your friends and neighbors for a 5K walk through three communities to show your support for veterans.

What is a Ruck March?

A ruck march involves walking at a fast clip with a weighted backpack or ruck.  In the Armed Forces, participants carry at least 45 pounds in their rucks,

For this event, we are asking participants to carry at least 22 pounds or 22 items.

Why 22?

On average, 22 veterans commit suicide in the United States.

By carrying at least 22 pounds of food or 22 personal items, we show our support for our veterans

If we all carry the burden, no one has to do it alone.

Register and learn more at www.22ruck.com.

Ruck March 2018

Event Sponsors

City of Hazel Park

City of Ferndale

City of Royal Oak

U.S. Army

Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial

Royal Oak Memorial Society

Royal Oak Community Coalition