Parking Downtown

To make parking easier and more affordable for everyone, we encourage you to park in one of our many downtown parking structures.

Effective Oct. 1, 2020: All Parking Garages
First two hours free
$0.75 per hour afterward

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Monthly parking garage passes

Metered Parking

The City of Royal is excited to announce a new, smart parking system for downtown visitors that makes parking both more convenient and accessible. 

Sentry Smart Meters bring several unique benefits and features including: 

  • Real-time open space locator: Using the Sentry Mobile app users locate and obtain turn-by-turn directions to open parking spaces closest to their destination.
  • Pay for the exact duration of visit: For individuals who use the Sentry Mobile app they will only pay for the time their vehicle occupies the parking space. 
  • Easy payment options: Consumers can use coins, credit cards, the Sentry Mobile app or sign up for the Sentry “Concierge” program to auto-pay for parking. 
  • Pay at the end of the parking session: If people forget to pay when they park, the new system allows consumers to pay for their parking time before leaving the space, as long as it’s within the allowed time limit. 
  • 15-minute grace period: The meters are programmed with a 15-minute grace period during which the driver may enter and exit a space without paying.

Metered parking on the street and in surface parking lots is always free until 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday, all day Sunday, and all day during civic holidays.

Learn more about metered parking.

Free Handicapped Parking

Free parking is provided only to vehicles displaying a disability placard with a yellow free-parking sticker. The requirements for obtaining a free-parking sticker are more narrowly defined than for a disability license plate or placard. To obtain a free-parking sticker, you must have your physician, chiropractor, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant complete part 3 of the parking placard application form. You must have a disability placard with a yellow free-parking sticker on it to park free. A disability license plate does not authorize free parking. Privately owned parking lots and garages are not obligated to provide free parking.

To complete an application for a yellow free-parking sticker, visit the State of Michigan Secretary of State Website.


Downtown Royal Oak's traditional downtown layout is ideal for walking and biking. Relying more on bicycles and walking, where possible, reduces parking demands, traffic congestion, and is environmentally friendly. Downtown Royal Oak is an extremely walkable place. With over 5.3 miles of sidewalks, frequent pedestrian crossings, and a densely built environment, it is referred to as a walker's paradise. Downtown's walkability score is so incredibly high, that daily errands do not require a car. 


With a shared bike lane going north to south on Washington Avenue, a high frequency of bike racks, and brand new wayfinding signage, Downtown Royal Oak can easily accommodate bicycle transit.