Marriage Ceremonies

Court Wedding Ceremony

Who Do We Perform Marriage Ceremonies For?

At least one of the persons getting married must be a resident of Royal Oak or Berkley.

What is Required to Get Married?

1.   You need to obtain a Marriage License from the Oakland County Clerk.  Visit their web page at  for more information.

2.  You need to bring $10 to pay for the ceremony.

Are You Allowed to Take Photographs, Etc.?

Yes, as an exception to our “no electronics” policy, we allow persons attending a wedding ceremony to bring in their cell phone, cameras, etc. to record the ceremony.

How Do You Make Arrangements to Have a Marriage Ceremony Performed?

Complete the request form here.  When you submit the form, it will come to the appropriate persons at the court.  We will contact you within three (3) business days to follow up and confirm arrangements.