City Clerk

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the majority of the City's record keeping and official tasks. Here are a few of the vital responsibilities of the office:

To learn more about what the office does, please explore this section of the website. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us.
  1. Boards & Committees

    Understand the operation of your local government through its boards and committees.

  2. Certificate of Birth

    Anyone who was born in the City of Royal Oak may purchase their birth certificate through the Clerk's Office. You may come in person and pick them up the same day or send us a mail-in request.

  3. Certificate of Death

    The Clerk's Office keeps death certificates for those who have died in Royal Oak. Anyone may pick up a certified copy. You may come in person and pick them up the same day or send us a mail-in request.

  4. Do Not Knock List

    Any person in lawful possession and occupancy of any residence, house, apartment, or other dwelling within the City of Royal Oak may request that the City place and maintain his or her residence, house, apartment, or dwelling on the Do Not Knock Registry.

  5. Elections & Voting

    The City Clerk conducts elections, registers voters and maintains voter records.

  6. Licensing Businesses

    Find information regarding business licensing in our fully indexed and searchable online system.

  7. Licensing Dogs

    Every resident of the city who owns a dog must license their dog through the City of Royal Oak. By ordinance, licenses must expire at the same time as the rabies vaccination. Licenses may be purchased in person or by mail.

  8. Other Forms & Applications

    Browse a selection of City of Royal Oak applications, forms and documents.