Waterworks Park Storage Area Removal Project

The Waterworks Park storage area originally contained the community's wells, pumps, and offices for the city's water department. Later, it was designated as a location for materials storage and project staging.

In response to resident concerns about the aesthetic impact in the surrounding neighborhood, the storage area located within Water Works Park will be permanently deconstructed. The Department of Public Services will facilitate this work on a timeline that accounts for and respects the time and staff effort required to complete it, its position relative to other long-stated city/department goals and projects, as well as consideration to the budgeting process.

As indicated at the January 10, 2022 meeting of the city commission, this work may take up to but no longer than 2 years to fully complete.

Tasks for this work includes, among others: exploring and costing alternative storage options, removing and relocating stored items, disposing of others, conducting an underground survey to identify abandoned well heads, removing the existing pavement, deconstructing the fence, applying fill material, and restoring to grass.

This page will provide periodic updates on the project's status. The City of Royal Oak has committed to this improvement - in the meantime your patience is appreciated.

*UPDATE 5.2.2023*

A bid specification has been developed and a request for proposals related to the deconstruction work is currently posted and open for bids. The posting will close in mid-May, at which time staff will review and assign work as appropriate. The project is on track to be completed before the end of December 2023.