Laura Bonnell

Laura Bonnell is the daughter of artist Lois Teicher. “There was always art in our world.” Growing up her basement was filled with kilns, clay, pottery, a throw wheel, a raku kiln was in the backyard and artwork filled the house. Bonnell has been an artist in her own right as a news reporter on WWJ.  Doing live reports, writing, and editing for 25 years.  For the past several years Bonnell is completely devoted to the Foundation she started in 2010.  The Bonnell Foundation raises awareness in Michigan and across the Country about cystic fibrosis.  Both Bonnell’s daughters have cystic fibrosis.  

1. Why did you get involved with the art commission, why do you stay, how do you want to see it grow in the future?  

Art has always been a part of my life. Growing up my Mom was an artist.  I nourished a love for art in my girls. I was honored when Mayor Fournier asked me to be part of the Royal Oak Commission for the arts. I love to see all types of art incorporated into everything the city does, every event.  I also hope to see more of the community attend art commission meetings and get involved.

2. What is your favorite art?

I love the artistry of sculpture, impressionist art, music, abstract art – I respect all artwork. I enjoy student art, both High School and College.

3. Why is art important to you and needed in the city of Royal Oak?

Art inspires people and it’s so much more than just what is in a museum.  I heard this quote on a podcast I was listening to, ”We’re walking around in other people’s imaginations.”  Other people ideas, a beautiful building, fashion, tunnels, there is some form of art in just about anything. We couldn’t live without it.

Laura Bonnell