Commission for the Arts

The primary goal of the commission has been to encourage and promote arts and culture in the community. The City of Royal Oak recognizes the importance of arts and culture to a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable community.  The city strives to promote and encourage arts and culture through the public and private display of art.

Commission for the Arts Members:

Staff Contact: Susan Barkman, Assistant to the City Manager

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The Royal Oak City Commission created the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts in 2012, through an ordinance now known as Chapter 36.  One of the primary purposes of the Commission for the Arts is to help support and develop art in the community by developing policies, programs, and projects to help raise awareness about the arts and embed them into the community. 

Meetings are generally held on the third Monday of every month.  If a holiday falls on that Monday than the meeting is typically moved to the Tuesday immediately following regularly scheduled meeting. 


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