General Services

Services Provided by Your Fire Department by Calling 911

  • Fire Suppression: call for any fire, large or small. all types The fire department will check the CO levels in your home.
  • Advanced medical life support and ambulance transport.
  • Rescues: All types.
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring: If your CO detector activates, leave the house and call 911.
  • Wires Down: Call 911 if you see wires down, then stay inside or away from the wires. The Fire Department will secure the area and take the necessary steps to make the area safe until the utility company can make the repair.
  • Odor Investigation: If you notice an unusual odor call 911 and the Fire Department will check for the source of the smell. If you think the smell is natural gas, leave your house immediately, do not turn lights off or on, do not use the phone. Call 911 from a neighbor and wait for the Fire Department to arrive.

Services Provided by Your Fire Department by Calling 248-246-3800

  • Injury prevention program for seniors: This program is geared toward seniors. Firefighters educate the senior on fire and injury prevention at no cost.
  • Tours: Tours can be arranged for families or individuals; 248-246-3800.
  • Blood Pressure Check: The Fire Department offers free blood pressure checks at any of the City fire stations. The hours for these checks are from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The locations of our stations are:
    • Station No. 1 - 215 East Sixth Street (five streets south of 11 Mile and one block east of Main Street).
    • Station No. 3 - 3128 Rochester Road (one block south of 13 Mile).
    • Station No. 2 - 31000 Woodward (northeast corner of 13 Mile and Woodward).