Animal Shelter

May is Microchip Month

Microchip Month was created to help  reunite pets with their families. 

A microchip is a small electronic chip about the size of a grain of rice. This battery-free device is encoded with a unique number and/or letter sequence. A scanner can then detect this microchip and read the ID number, which is assigned to the pet and owner and registered in a national database.

Talk to your vet about this simple procedure!

About Us

The Royal Oak Animal Shelter is operated as a City service under management of the Royal Oak Police Department. Our goals are to provide a safe haven for lost animals or animals given up by their owners; to reunite lost animals with their human companions, and to provide the best possible adoptions of available animals into the home best suited to their personalities. 

Want to Adopt a Pet?

View a list of all the animals at the shelter provided by PetFinder.

How to Help the ROAS

The Royal Oak Animal Shelter will continue to operate as long as funds are available. We accept donations from individuals and we partner with various groups and organizations to hold fundraising events. Please visit the donations page for more information.

Royal Oak Animal Shelter T-shirts

The Royal Oak Animal Shelter has short-sleeve T-shirts for sale! The shirts come in various colors and are $13 for short sleeves; $15 for long sleeves. All sizes are available. They may be purchased at the shelter.