Royal Oak Senior Essential Services (ROSES)

R.O.S.E.S. is a program designed to assist Royal Oak residents age 62 and over and qualify to live more independently in their own homes.  To qualify for Subsidy, you must live in your own home alone, with a spouse, or with a disabled adult child.  Seniors living with able-bodied adult children do not qualify for the subsidy assistance.  To ascertain household income, please provide your name, most recent Home Heating Credit or Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit form. If you live in one of the senior high rises, you will need to provide the HUD Tenant Eligibility & Rent Procedures form.

The following subsidy scale will apply:  

EFFECTIVE 5/15/2023

Income for One Income for Two Hourly Rate
$0-$19,900 $0-$22,750 $3
$19,901- $33,150 $22,751 - $37,900 $5
$33,151 - $53,050 $37,901 - $60,600    $7

This program does not include nursing care such as intravenous feedings, tube feedings, injections, dispensing medications or incontinent clients.  A home assessment will be made for all people requesting personal care.  The following services are available:

Home Chores - Household tasks such as yard work, housework, and gutter (first level only) cleaning are available.  No windows, weeding, wall washing or roofing. 

Home Repair - Repairs that do not require a licensed contractor are available to homeowners.  Repairs including minor plumbing, carpentry and minor electrical. No roofing. 

Personal Home Care - Includes assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, meals, shampoos, dressing and help with ambulating.  Personal aides cannot handle incontinent clients and are not trained to clean up bodily fluids.

No Pet Care - We do not clean up after pets, walk or handle feedings. 

For more information regarding the R.O.S.E.S. Program, please contact Dorothy LaSure or Chloe Wilson

at (248)246-3919.

Now Hiring

Seeking top talent

The Royal Oak R.O.S.E.S. Program is looking for reliable, dependent, self-motivators to assist with with home repairs, home chore and personal care for Royal Oak residents age 62 and over who qualify for subsidy. 

Are you that person? Or know someone who is? Individuals are paid for their labor. Applicants must be able to pass a background check.