In this section, you will find out how to donate to the various organizations listed below. You can also learn more about making donations to ROOTS via your water bill by visiting our Donate Through Your Water Bill Page.
  1. Donate Through Your Water Bill

    Royal Oak residents will notice Royal Oak Opportunity To Serve (ROOTS) donation pledge forms tucked in with upcoming water bills. Find out how to make a donation.

  2. Make a Donation to ROOTS

    Find out how to make a donation to the ROOTS Foundation.

  3. Parks & Recreation Department

    The City of Royal Oak Recreation Department recognizes charitable donations to improve its acclaimed parks and open spaces.

  4. Police Fund

    The Royal Oak Police Department has a fund in which donations are used for the welfare of the police officers at the discretion of the Chief.

  5. Royal Oak Commission for the Arts

    The Royal Oak Commission for the Arts’ (ROCFA) mission is to encourage and support arts and culture in Royal Oak. Be part of Royal Oak’s exciting public art projects and events by joining the ROCFA team as a donating sponsor.

  6. Royal Oak Public Library

    Donors to the Royal Oak Public Library are recognized according to the library’s donor recognition policy. Donations of $200 or more are recognized on plaques displayed in the library's main entrance lobby.