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Aaron Eskin

Aaron Eskin, a member of the Engineering Department, was nominated by a resident for providing assistance after their car became stuck during a snow event. In their nomination, the resident had this to say,

“A massive THANK YOU to the young man in truck 103 - I was stuck in my driveway off 14 Mile this morning and he stopped his truck and turned on the flashers to make sure my car wasn't hit by oncoming traffic. He then grabbed a shovel and dug me out, pushing the car so I could get onto the street. So glad to know good people like him exist and that the city employs them. THANK YOU TRUCK 103!!!!!”

Our selection team was impressed by the way Aaron went out of his way to help this stranded resident. Shoveling snow and pushing cars out of driveways isn’t in Aaron’s job description, and it would have been easy to simply pass by the unknown motorist without a second thought. But Aaron recognized the frustrating and potentially dangerous situation, and showed great empathy and consideration by pulling over and ensuring this motorist could get on their way safely. Thank you for your service, Aaron!

Aaron Eskin

Lt. Dave Clemens

Lt. Dave Clemens, a member of the Royal Oak Police Department, was nominated for his attention to others, and considerate handling of holiday scheduling. According to his nomination,

“Lt. Clemens is the senior lieutenant and is not scheduled to work weekends or holidays. This year, Lt. Clemens recognized that the two sergeants scheduled to work Christmas day both had young children. Lt. Clemens volunteered to work for both of them so they could spend Christmas morning with their families. Working holidays and missing those important family moments is simply a job requirement for all police officers. Lt. Clemens showed leadership by example and tremendous empathy by sacrificing his time for others.”

Our team was impressed that Lt. Clemens not only recognized the family conflicts his coworkers would face by working on Christmas Day, but had the selflessness and empathy to voluntarily give-up his own Christmas so they wouldn’t have to miss special family memories. It is so easy to get focused on one’s own work and own schedule, but Lt. Clemens displayed great attention, care, and leadership by looking-out for his coworkers. Thank you so much for your kindness, Lt. Clemens!

Dave Clemens