City Administration

City Hall
  1. City Attorney

    The City Attorney serves as the legal adviser and counsel for the City and for all officers and departments in all matters relating to their official duties, and performs such other duties as may be imposed by the commission, either by ordinance or resolution.

  2. City Clerk

    The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the majority of the City's record keeping and official tasks, including birth and death certificates, dog licensing, election services, and more.

  3. City Manager

    The City Manager is responsible for implementing city policy as determined by the City Commission, providing day-to-day operations and leadership for the various City departments, and representing the City to the community and other agencies and groups.

  4. Commissions, Boards & Committees

    Understand the operation of your local government through its boards and committees.

  5. Economic Development

    Learn about the economic growth of Royal Oak. Print forms and applications, browse ordinances, and find information about the Downtown Development Authority.

  6. Human Resources

    View current job openings and answers to questions about recruitment.