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Sep 17

Bingo Pet Salon Caring for Pets Since 2011

Posted on September 17, 2018 at 2:20 PM by Sean Kammer

“Downtown Royal Oak is the perfect location for us. I love the diversity that Royal Oak has to offer. Not only in its people, but in the businesses and activities that go on within the city. Royal Oak is a progressive community, that is constantly growing and changing to fit the needs of a diverse population,” Said Brian Lane, owner of Bingo Pet Salon. Bingo Pet Salon is located at 108 W. Fourth Street, in Downtown Royal Oak. It has been in operation since 2011 and has been providing a service to the Royal Oak community, that is hard to find in the area.

bingo pet salon

“There were no groomers located in the downtown footprint, and it is a great area for people to walk their dogs, grab some food, or enjoy shopping, and relax while we take care of their pets grooming needs,” said Lane. “It’s pretty easy to get customers to downtown Royal Oak, since it is such a fun place to visit.”

People come from all over the region because of Bingo Pet Salon’s specialized services. “Our largest client base is Royal Oak and Detroit, but we do get a lot of clients from other surrounding areas. Because we are one of the few shops locally that groom cats, we see clients bringing cats from all over metro Detroit.” Bingo Pet Salon has also been endorsed by the Michigan Association of Doodles. “Our shop is also very open concept, so clients can see where their dogs are being bathed and groomed. Each groomer meets individually with clients to discuss your pets groom and any special grooming needs. 

Lane bought the Salon from its previous owner, who didn’t see the long-term potential in the business that Lane saw. Lane has expanded his business to include a range of services, from cats, to doodles. Lane also founded a nonprofit off-shoot called BingoCares that provides free services to animals in shelters.

“Bingo also provides 100% free grooming to local rescues and shelters. Since we started BingoCares, we have groomed over 350 dogs and cats for free to help get them adopted,” said Lane.

“Most of our marketing is word of mouth,” said Lane, who believes that good work and integrity speak for themselves. “A well-trimmed dog is a great advertisement. When you have a talented and caring staff like we do, people are more willing to recommend us to friends.” Also, unlike a lot of groom shops, they are open 7 days a week to offer flexibility to clients.

Lane also tells customers about the available parking in the structures.

“… Once we let them (customers) know the structures are free the first 2 hours it alleviates that concern.” Lane also provides some curbside services for people with mobility challenges. “We also have a lot of clients who are older or have small children, and if that is the case we usually just have them pay over the phone and then well run the dog/cat out to their car when they pick-up.”

bingo pet salon2

Bingo Pet salon is open every day, which is convenient for pet owners with busy schedules. “We always get people who are surprised that we are open 7 days a week. We do this because we only take appointments in the mornings (7:30am-11:30am) but stay open until 5pm for pickups. Because grooming takes 3-4 hours for a groom, we make sure we leave time for clients to be able to pick up after completion of the groom.”