Can the city consider not permitting marijuana use at all in Royal Oak?

The city cannot defy state law.  It is now lawful for individuals 21-years of age and older to use marijuana -- as long as those individuals are legally possessing and using marijuana.

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1. Many of the 30% that voted against recreational marijuana will voice their opposition loudly to marijuana land uses in Royal Oak. How do we ensure that the 70% who voted for it are heard?
2. Is there concern conducting commercial marijuana business in Royal Oak will attract criminal enterprises and have another negative impacts on the city?
3. How will having recreational marijuana commercial businesses help our families and children?
4. Would allowing a limited number of facilities that sell recreational marijuana to adults have a net positive or negative economic impact to the city?
5. Considering voters already passed the law approving recreational marijuana, what reasons would the City of Royal Oak have to opt out of commercial marijuana business including provisioning centers?
6. Can the city consider not permitting marijuana use at all in Royal Oak?
7. How do we deal with private outdoor smoking of marijuana, when neighbors may complain of the smell?
8. Will the use of marijuana be allowed at private events at the farmers market?
9. How will legalized marijuana impact large public events like Arts, Beats & Eats? Will police strictly enforce the provision for no smoking marijuana in public?