How can I minimize cut-thru traffic on my block?

The city first needs to perform a traffic study to check the volume of vehicles on the block.  Keep in mind that while streets may be in a residential neighborhood, they are not designated solely for residents on that street.

Traffic volumes up to 600 vehicles per day (VPD) are considered "low volume", 600 to 1,200 VPD is considered “moderate volume”, and volumes over 1,200 VPD is considered “high volume”.  The city generally does not recommend changes for streets with low to moderate volumes. High volume often goes hand-in-hand with speeding issues, and those potential solutions are discussed in the other FAQ questions.

The city does not recommend installation of “No Thru Traffic” signs as they are nearly unenforceable and have not been shown to improve cut-thru traffic. Signs that prevent turns during certain times of the day could be considered, or permanently closing off the road at one end of the block.   These changes require a petition showing the majority of residents are in favor.

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