How long will the construction take?

The sidewalk program typically begins in early June and continues to the end of October. In any particular location, the sidewalk will be removed and replaced within a matter of days up to one week. New concrete sidewalks placed in a driveway location cannot be driven on for 7 days. Adjacent pavement and lawn restoration will be performed as the contractor progresses through the target area and will be completed before the end of the contract. Property owners can help by watering newly planted grass seed to ensure its growth.

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1. Why does the city have a sidewalk improvement program?
2. Why do I have to pay for the city's sidewalk?
3. Can I hire a contractor or do the work myself?
4. How can I add additional concrete paving work?
5. When will I be billed for the sidewalk work?
6. How can I pay the sidewalk bill over a longer period of time?
7. I don’t have sidewalk now adjacent to my property. Why did I receive a Sidewalk Improvement Notice?
8. What if I disagree with the number or selection of sidewalk panels to be replaced?
9. How long will the construction take?
10. Some of the sidewalk squares are in my driveway. How can I get in and out during the construction?
11. What about my yard sprinkler system adjacent to the sidewalk?
12. What if the sidewalk has been tilted, raised or affected by adjacent tree roots?