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Isabel & Myron Zucker Park


  1. Baseball / Softball
  2. Outdoor Ice Skating Rink
  3. Playground
  4. Soccer Field
  5. Tennis Court

This park sits on 14.5 acres. It was dedicated on August 7, 1956.

This park was renamed in 2023 to honor the legacy of Isabel & Myron Zucker. In the 1930-40s, the Royal Oak Park Commission, led by Myron Zucker, championed an ambitious park and playground development plan. The committee recommended several small sites throughout the city on the premise that there should be one playground to each quarter mile so that no child would have to cross a major road to reach a recreation site.

Isabel Zucker loved nature as much as her husband.  She penned a book, “Flowering Shrubs and Small Trees,” that was first published in 1966. It continues to be sought after by avid gardeners and is available through various booksellers to this day,

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