Welcoming Royal Oak

Welcoming Royal Oak

In Royal Oak, we take pride in our neighborly and welcoming atmosphere and are committed to promoting cultural diversity.

In February 2017, the Royal Oak City Commission passed a resolution that reaffirmed we value our immigrant and migrant roots and "recognize that invaluable contributions to our social, religious, cultural and economic landscape have come from a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds."

In addition to passing a resolution, the city commission affirmed  its commitment to embracing cultural diversity by joining the Welcoming America network.

What is a Welcoming City?

A Welcoming City is one that:
  • Plans: All relevant sectors, such as government, business, non-profit, and others, work together to create a welcoming community climate that supports long-term integration.
  • Commits: Municipalities commit to institutionalize strategies ensuring the ongoing inclusion and long-term economic and social integration of newcomers.
  • Builds Community: Newcomers and long-time residents find common ground and shared leadership.
  • Communicates: Messages of unity and shared values permeate the community through the media, through the voices of leaders, and among residents.
  • Sustains: Policies and practices are considered to ensure interactions between new and long-time residents remain positive ones and the community’s economic vitality remains strong.

Moving Forward

Royal Oak is working on several initiatives and welcoming experiences for our immigrants.

Watch this space for notifications regarding language accessibility, cultural events, service days, networking, policy roll-outs and more. 

We're just getting started!

Take Our Survey

Here's your chance to be a good neighbor and colleague. Share your thoughts. How can Royal Oak be its most welcoming?

Questions, Input?

Royal Oak welcomes community input and direction from its residents.

Please contact Carol Schwanger, the Royal Oak Welcoming City liaison, at 248-246-3202 or carols@romi.gov with your input or questions,

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