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  4. City Ordinances

    View our City ordinances online.

  5. Community Development

    Learn more about the Building, Engineering and Planning Department services available in your community.

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  9. Public Services

    The Department of Public Service combines under one umbrella many divisions that provide direct service to residents. This enables a coordinated effort in maintaining the City's infrastructure, planning for special events, and addressing emergencies such as water main breaks or severe weather conditions.

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    Review current news from our office.

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    Locate useful resources for conducting business in the City of Royal Oak community.

  12. State & National Government

    Contact your state and national representatives with any questions.

  13. WROK

    WROK is Royal Oak's Municipal Access Cable operation providing programming sponsored by or for the city.

  14. Zoning Ordinance

    A fully indexed and searchable online version is available in Part II: General Legislation, Chapter 770, of the City Ordinance and Code Records .