2.20 - Disposition of Furniture Equipment

The Royal Oak Public Library follows established city practices for disposition of furniture and equipment that have been purchased with public funds or donated and put into use in the Library. The procedure is:

  • Prepare a list of furniture and equipment for disposal.
  • Seek approval of the Library Board of Trustees to dispose of listed furniture and equipment.
  • Submit list to City Commission to declare the furniture and equipment surplus.

All dispositions by the Library shall be offered at public sale with published notice, donated to appropriate agencies, or discarded.

The Library is prohibited from selling to individuals by private sale.  

Adopted: May 27, 1997; reaffirmed 9/26/06; 1/22/08; 3/24/09; reaffirmed 2/23/10; reaffirmed 2/22/11; reaffirmed 4/26/16; reaffirmed 4/25/17; reaffirmed 2/22/22.