5.10 - Circulation

Circulation of Materials and Loan Periods

5.10.1 - Presentation of Library Card - A library card must be presented when checking out materials. Royal Oak Public Library recognizes that there will be times when a borrower does not have their library card available. In this event the library will check out materials upon presentation of valid Driver’s License or current picture ID. - The library extends services to residents of other communities per the Royal Oak Public Library Statement of Policies and Procedures, 5.30 – Association with Other Libraries.

5.10.2 - Standard Loan Periods - The library establishes standard loan periods for the various materials in the collection. The loan periods are detailed in Policy 5.101. These loan periods apply to all individual cardholders.

5.10.3 - Special Loan Periods - A vacation loan period (beyond 21 days) is available to all individual cardholders for books. Vacation loan periods cannot be applied to new titles. - The loan period for interlibrary loan materials is specified by the owning library.

5.10.4 - Non-Circulating Materials - Reference materials, newspapers, and current issues of magazines do not circulate.

5.10.5 - Renewal, Limits and Reserve of Materials - Library materials may be renewed in person, by telephone, or online. Materials ineligible for renewal are outlined in Policy 5.101. There is a limit of two renewals per item. An item that has a reserve on it will not be renewed. An overdue item may be renewed; the overdue fine amount, however, is still due. - The renewal period for materials owned by other libraries sharing our computer system is determined by the policies of the library that owns the material. Renewals of materials borrowed from libraries outside the shared computer system through MelCat are determined by the lending library.

5.10.6 - Limits on Materials - To provide as wide an access as possible to the library's collection, it may be necessary to place limits on some materials. These limits will be set by the director and staff, based on the size of the collection. 

5.10.7 - Holds and the Hold Shelf - Registered borrowers may place holds on eligible library materials by telephone (borrower must provide their library card number) in person or online. Library staff will reserve a limit of four items at one time. - The borrower will be notified via electronic mail or automated telephone notice when the hold is waiting to be retrieved. The item will be held for pickup for 7 days. - The hold shelf is self-serve and located in a public area; the library observes borrower confidentiality by obscuring the item title on the hold shelf. - The held item may only be borrowed on the card used when the initial hold was placed.

5.10.8 - Contactless Pickup - Patrons may request items from Hold Shelf (including MeLCat loans) be checked out and delivered via curbside service at the 11 Mile Road Book Pick-Up Zone. - Pick-up appointments may be made via the app or by phone. -
Patrons may authorize someone else to pick-up the items but all items checked out are the responsibility of the cardholder. - 
Missed pick-up: Items will be held in the library for 1 day to allow patrons to reschedule. After that time, items will be returned to circulation.

5.10.9 - Daily Fines - The library charges a daily overdue fine based on the type of material. The daily overdue fine is a means to increase collection turn-over, making materials available to as many users as possible. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to return all materials on time. The overdue fine for each type of material is detailed in Policy 5.50. The daily fine begins the day after the item is due. Fines do not accrue on days the library is closed.

5.10.10 - Maximum Fines - The library sets a limit on the maximum fine that will accumulate on a single item. The maximum fine for each type of material is detailed in Policy 5.50. Overdue fines will be waived if and when a borrower pays the replacement cost of an item lost or damaged.

5.10.11 - Replacement Cost - It is the responsibility of the borrower to return materials in good condition.If an item is lost or returne d damaged to the extent that it can no longer circulate, the librarian in charge of that collection area may accept a replacement provided it is the same ISBN and in similar or better condition as the item at the time of loss. If a patron is unable/unwilling to furnish a replacement, the patron will be charged a replacement cost not to exceed the discounted amount the library paid for the item. If the librarian decides the item meets selection criteria for removal from the collection, there will be no charge to the patron. - If a lost item that has been paid for is returned, the patron may request a refund. - See Policy 4.10: Maintenance of Collection for further information about the criteria for removing materials from the collection.

5.10.12 - Notices of Account Status - Borrowers are notified of the status of their accounts via electronic mail with an option for an additional text message, or automated telephone notice:

A courtesy notice is issued three (3) days before items are due.

An overdue notice is issued seven (7) days after items are due.

A lost item notice is issued twenty-one (21) days after items are due. - Materials not returned twenty-one (21) days after the due date are considered lost; a bill for replacement cost is sent to the borrower via e-mail and the replacement cost for the item is included as a fee on the borrower record. Lost item notices will be sent by mail if there is no valid email address on file. - 
Thirty-five (35) days after the due date, the delinquent record is referred to a collection agency to retrieve the material or the replacement cost, and the agency fee for the collection service is then added to the borrower record. 
5.10.13 - Claims Returned - The library allows the use of a "claims returned" function to clear disputed items from a borrower’s record. An account may have a maximum of 5 "claims returned" items that have not been found and cleared. Once the borrower has been billed for an item and the item status is "billed", the "claims returned" function may not be used for that item.

5.10.14 - Suspension of Library Privileges for Accounts Exceeding Threshold - Borrowing privileges are suspended for accounts which have accumulated a total of $5.00 in fines and fees, including bills for replacement of lost or damaged material. A borrower must pay all fines and fees in full in order to have their borrowing privileges restored. - Access to the Library Computer Labs or Wireless network is suspended for accounts which
have accumulated a total of $15.00 in fines and fees, including bills for replacement of lost or damaged material. All fines and fees must be paid in full before computer privileges are restored.

5.10.15 - Michigan Library Privacy Act - Library employees observe privacy of borrowing and other library records in accordance with the Michigan Library Privacy Act.  

Adopted 5/23/00; rev. 9/28/04; rev. 11/23/04; rev. 5/23/06; rev. 6/25/06; 8/26/08; 4/28/09; 5/26/09; 9/22/09; revised 8/24/10; revised 8/23/11; revised 7/22/14; revised 8/23/16; revised 6/23/20; revised 7/28/20; revised 1/26/21.