3.21 - Displays and Exhibits

As part of its public service and information mission, the Royal Oak Public Library (ROPL) provides limited space to groups or individuals engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, civic or charitable activities to display exhibits of public interest at the discretion of the Library Director. Exhibitors must commit to a minimum of 30 days for their display. Exhibit spaces include the glass case adjacent to the south entrance and the Friends Auditorium.

First Come, First Served
Display space is available on a first-come, first-served reservation basis. Reservations for the southeast lobby display case may be made through ROPL administration. 

Subject Matter
The Royal Oak Public Library reserves the right to reject requests or applications if they do not reflect a subject matter conducive to display in an area that is frequented by young children and families. Requests or applications that are disrespectful to a person, culture, or gender will be rejected. Requests that meet the ROPL Strategic Plan Initiatives will be given priority. Although space is provided for a display, the library does not necessarily endorse the belief or viewpoint of persons whose works are exhibited.

Right to Schedule
The ROPL staff and activities have the first priority for displays and exhibits.  The ROPL reserves the right to schedule or refuse any display and to limit the frequency with which the group or organization may have a display. Displays of a commercial nature will not be accepted. Final authority for all exhibits and displays rests with the library director or an appointed designee. 

The Royal Oak Arts Council selects artists for monthly exhibits in the west lobby display case and special exhibits in the Friends Auditorium.    

Fees to Display
For the privilege of the use of the space, the library shall require a portion of proceeds of any art sold by the artist as a result of using library display space. The library will not pay a fee to providers for any exhibits or displays.

Exhibit space governed by this policy includes:

  • Entrance lobby – west side - Royal Oak Arts Council space
  • Entrance lobby – east side
  • Friends Auditorium

Other Limitations
The library assumes no liability in the event of damage or loss of a display, whether or not it is in a locked case. 

The Friends Auditorium, when in use,  is not a secured space. Exhibits in the auditorium are only available for viewing during public programs. The exhibitor may request a special event to showcase their work. 

All submitted entries must be ready to display, matted with a hanging device, or based for 3- dimensional work (space is limited). Items that could constitute a safety hazard or might cause damage to the building or display areas cannot be accepted for exhibit. 

Exhibit items must be put up and taken down by the exhibitor on the day and time agreed upon by the Library and the artist. 

If not retrieved within thirty (30) days from the agreed upon pick-up date, the Royal Oak Public Library reserves the right to dispose of all artwork.

Adopted 07/24/01; rev. 09/28/04; rev 07/22/08; reaffirmed 03/24/09; revised 03/23/10; reviewed 02/22/11; revised 06/28/16; revised 06/28/22.