Melissa Behring


Melissa Behring is an internationally respected performer, mentor and entrepreneur. Through her Fairy Godmother of Music program, she introduces children of all ages to stories and music from around the world in an educational and entertaining experience. Several nights a week, she can be found performing with her husband, Jake Tobias in a small acoustic ensemble covering popular songs from the 1950’s through today. Her company, Dream Town Media, provides aspiring artists career counseling and advertising support. Melissa also mentors musicians through the Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music. Since 2019, she has been a committee member of the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts.  One of her main goals in life is to help others create memories and healing through music and the arts. Melissa resides in Royal Oak, Michigan with her husband, Jake Tobias. 

  1. Why did you get involved with the art commission, why do you stay, how do you want to see it grow in the future?

I spent several years performing abroad, upon my return to Royal Oak, I wanted to get re-engaged with the community. I met Jason and the other members in 2018 volunteering for the Celebration of the Arts and Public Piano Project. When a spot on the Committee opened up, they invited me to join. I enjoy helping people in our community get exposure to art and encouraging other artists to create. We can grow most by fostering a positive environment in our community for artists by creating and funding inclusive opportunities across all platforms for them to showcase their talents. 

2. What is your favorite art?

I enjoy all art forms both visual and spatial. I am an avid collector of fine art paintings. However, selfishly, I lean towards music, especially live performance. Live music has the power to transform any experience and uplift the human condition. It’s over in the blink of an eye, but the memories created are often times worth describing over and over again for many years to come. Creating a whole separate impact and impression on a person’s future experiences when a song is heard.

3. Why is art important to you and needed in the city of Royal Oak?

Art provides a dialogue where many times people struggle to communicate. It can provide an outlet in the happiest or saddest of times. In the current climate, culturally and socially we need all the artistic outlets we can get.