Forms & Applications


The following forms applications are available for your convenience when corresponding with the Planning Division. Most forms will allow you to type in required information and then print a copy to sign and submit to the Planning Division. You can also save a copy with all information filled-in for your records.

Planning Commission

The application to the Planning Commission is for the following
  • Site plan reviews
  • Special land use permits
  • Rezoning and conditional rezoning
  • Special redevelopment project
  • Planned unit developments

Zoning Board of Appeals

The application to the Zoning Board of Appeals is for the following
  • Dimensional variances
  • Use variances
  • Interpretations of the Zoning Ordinance
  • Appeals of administrative decisions

Sidewalk Cafe Application

The sidewalk cafe application is for new cafes only. For an application to renew an existing sidewalk cafe that was previously approved by the City Commission please contact the Building Division.

Useful Documents