Parks & Forestry


The Parks and Forestry Division is responsible for maintenance of the following:

  • 43 traffic islands
  • 50 park sites of over 310 acres
  • 8 boulevards of over 28 acres
  • Grounds adjacent to several City buildings
  • Over 23,000 street trees (exclusive of park and boulevard trees)
  • Royal Oak Cemetery
  • Some green spaces adjacent to City parking lots
In addition, the division regularly maintains baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, football fields, and sand volleyball courts, during their respective seasons.

This division installs and maintains all park playground equipment, fences and backstops, as well as designating and implementing park development projects along with the Recreation Department.

Community Promotion

In the area of community promotion, the Parks and Forestry Division is responsible for the installation and removal of street banners and setup for special events.

Snow Removal

In the area of snow removal, the Parks and Forestry division is responsible for all City parking lots and sidewalks in the downtown area, those adjacent to parks and public buildings and street plowing during major snow storms.

Trees & Vegetation

Parks and Forestry surveys the City for trees with Dutch Elms disease, controls noxious weeds, and cleans private lots for Code Enforcement. Parks and Forestry is on a continuous cycle of tree trimming, grass cutting and maintenance of City grounds.