Backyard Composting

Backyard Composting is Easy!

Composting is nature's own recycling system. Leaves, grass, and other organic matter that fall to the ground provide a home and food supply for nature's recyclers: bacteria, worms, and other microorganisms. These organisms feed on the plant material, breaking them down, and turning them into a dark, nutrient rich product called Compost.

  • Extends the useful life of our landfills.
  • Holds moisture in sandy soil.
  • Improves compacted soil.
  • Improves plant nutrition.
  1. Rules, Guidelines & Materials

    Before starting your backyard composting project, take time to review these guidelines on how and what to compost.

  2. How Is It Done?

    View a guide to constructing and maintaining your own compost pile.

  3. Grasscycling or Mulching

    Does composting sound like too much work? What about bagging clippings during each mow? Grasscycling may be the solution for you!

  4. Wire-Mesh Holding Unit

    A wire-mesh holding unit for compost is inexpensive and easy to build, out of either galvanized chicken wire or hardware cloth.