Lead Service Line Replacement Program

The City of Royal Oak has implemented a lead service line replacement program, through which homeowners can replace their lead or galvanized steel service line at no cost. To participate:

1. Verify your service line material. This program applies to lead and/or galvanized water service lines only. A plumber can quickly identify your water service line material. Alternatively, homeowners can try this simple test, completed in only a few steps with a magnet and coin.

2. Review and sign the access agreement below. Certain terms and limitations apply. Make sure to include all the required contact information.

3. Await further instruction. Replacement projects are completed quarterly, and typically include 20-30 homes per project. We will make every effort to replace service lines within one year of receiving a completed access agreement. You will be contacted by city staff in advance of the project. If you have additional questions, contact DPS@romi.gov.

In the meantime, there are steps you can take right away to protect your household:

•    Always begin with cold water for drinking and cooking.

•    When you haven't used your water for several hours flush out the pipes to remove any lead. You can do this by running cold water from the faucet, taking a shower, doing a load of laundry or washing dishes.

•    Consider capturing the extra water from the faucet and using it to water plants or even for flushing the toilet.

•    Clean out your faucet aerators regularly because they can collect lead particles.

•    Purchase a home filter certified to remove lead. If you do make sure it is properly maintained.

•    You can also have your water tested by a certified lab to see if lead is present.

The City of Royal Oak strives to provide safe and healthy water for your home, but we all play a role in keeping it that way. Together, let's get the lead out.

Click here to view the access agreement.