2021 Awards

The Robert Gasiorowski Lifetime Award winner for 2021 is Michelle Watson

Michelle Watson has continued the great work she was honored for when we awarded her the 2019 Chinquapin award.  She has continued to do a superb job as our volunteer coordinator for fence patrol & workdays, continues to do a great job on keeping up our presence on our social media, and helps out on many of our park workdays.  Michelle has also served on the Nature Society Board of Directors. 


Six years after she started volunteering for the Nature Society, we are honoring Michelle with the 2021 Lifetime achievement award.  The award goes to a person who has consistently worked for the wellbeing of Royal Oak Nature Society for at least five years.  The Nature Society wants to thank her for her continued commitment to the Nature Society.


The Chinquapin Award winners for 2021 are Ken Caldwell and Kevin Norris

Both Ken Caldwell and Kevin Norris have worked with Bob Muller in the Arboretum the past few years.  For two hours once a week beginning in late April and ending in mid-October, they have helped in the removal of buckthorn, honeysuckle, Euonymus, multi-floral rose and other invasive species from the arboretum.  In addition, they have helped remove broken concrete, cleared out area for the mushroom & conifer gardens, laid woodchips to keep invasive species from growing, prepared for, and planted trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.   They even assisted Bob in Tenhave Woods by helping him clear out trails and with fence repair.