What can I recycle?

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Recycling Cart
A green recycling bin which reads, "SOCRRA."

Why the larger size?

​The new 65 gallon recycling toters were funded by the city with grant assistance from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Recycling Partnership, a nonprofit organization utilizing public-private partnerships to transform recycling all across America. All three organizations are committed to the same goal of increasing recycling in Royal Oak, in Michigan and throughout the country!  Because of their increased size there is a greater capacity to recycle more which means less material going into the landfill.  If residents do not want to use the 65 gallon toter or have more recycling than will fit in the toter, GFL will still pick-up the 18 gallon bins as well. The 18 gallon bin is yours to keep, however if you no longer wish to keep the 18 gallon bin, please take to SOCRRA, 995 Coolidge, Troy to be recycled, please do not place in the toter. The Department of Public Service no longer provides 18 gallon bins.

How do I put out my toter/bin?
​Please place your toter/bin to the curb by 7:00 a.m. of your regular refuse day.  Please separate by 2 -3 feet as there are 3 different trucks running the city on your refuse day.  The toters/bins are for recycling only, do not mix with trash or the toter/bin will be tagged and not emptied until corrected. ​Your 65 gallon toter holds three times more recycling than the 18 gallon bin and is now mixed recycling which means that you PLACE ALL YOUR RECYCLABLES LOOSE IN THE TOTER/BIN, super easy!!​

Why no scrap metal, batteries or plastic bags?

​​Many residents have inquired why they cannot put scrap metal, batteries or plastic bags in the toters/bins. The new conveyor belt system for mixed recycling cannot accommodate scrap metal or plastic bags and the new truck system cannot take batteries as they could cause a potential fire hazard.  SOCRRA is working on these issues.  Residents are encouraged to take these items to the SOCRRA drop-off, 995 Coolidge, free of charge. You must make an appointment on SOCRRA's website. Thank you.

What does the SOCRRA drop-off facility accept?

​SOCRRA, 995 Coolidge, Troy (across from the Meijer gas station) accepts all curbside recyclables; unflattened, unbundled cardboard, automotive & household batteries; paperback & hardcover books; all paper (except carbon); Styrofoam (no packing peanuts); scrap metal (no propane or gas cans for recycling but will be taken as hazardous waste); household hazardous waste and electronics recycling.  Please check www.socrra.org for additional information and hours.
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