Speaker Programs

We normally hold our monthly general meeting/speaker programs from October to April.  The speaker programs are usually held on the first Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted and start at 7:30 pm

In the past, we have been holding these programs 
at the Royal Oak Middle School.  But, this coming fall, our October, November & December programs will be held the Royal Oak Senior/Community Center which is located at 3500 Marais.  We will let you know about the location of our speaker programs for the January-April 2020 time period later on this year.    

There is a General Meeting of the Nature Society that takes place a few minutes before the speaker program commences.  
These programs are usually slide shows focusing on various natural history topics. If you watch nature programs on PBS or the Discovery channel, our program is better because you can meet afterwards and ask the speakers questions. All speaker programs are free and open to everyone. Preregistration is not required.

"Bob and Don’s Most Excellent Adventure speaker program is being held on Wednesday, October 2 , 2019, beginning 7:30 pm at the Royal Oak Senior/Community Center (3500 Marais)Join Bob Muller and Don Drife as they travel through America’s Southwest visiting Petrified Forest, The Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, Winslow Arizona, Meteor Crater, Bridges National Monument, Gooseneck State Park, and Mesa Verde National Park. See the Southwest through the eyes of two interpretive naturalists exploring unfamiliar territory.  

"A Passage to South India” speaker program is being held on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, beginning 7:30 pm at the Royal Oak Senior/Community Center (3500 Marais)What happens when you're registered for an ecological field course abroad and a tsunami hits your "classroom" only days before your plane leaves?  You and your classmates become the first to document what survived the impact!  Learn more about this unique experience that UM-Dearborn's Dorothy McLeer had during a month-long class in south India, co-taught by UM-Dearborn's Dr. Orin Gelderloos, and how this region of India has fared since the infamous 2004 tsunami. 










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