Motor Pool


The Motor Pool assists all Royal Oak departments with delivery of services to residents and businesses through the use of safe and reliable equipment, such as:

  • Aerial equipment
  • Fire apparatus
  • Police cars
  • Road sweepers
  • Small and large trucks
  • Tractors
A strong preventative maintenance program followed by an aggressive repair program insures all vehicles and equipment receive prompt, professional, personalized care to insure their longevity.

A computerized fleet management system along with a fully automated fuel control system individually monitors repairs, maintenance, and fuel consumption for over 263 fleet vehicles and equipment keeping operational cost at a minimum.

The Motor Pool Division is also responsible for the Department of Public Service facility maintenance, as well as its utility bill payment. The building uses sodium filled style lighting in its parking and vehicle repair areas for maximum brightness at low wattage costs. Automatic doors with vehicle sensing magnetic loops are used at the main vehicle entrance and exit doors to minimize heat loss in the cold winter months. Modern boilers have been installed to replace old non-repairable units. These newer boilers are one quarter the size of the boilers they replaced, using less energy to run, yet are still able to heat the entire facility.

Communications Division

The Communications Division consists of a communication technician who maintains 286 City two-way radios installed in the Police Department, Fire Department and Department of Public Services, as well as emergency lighting and sirens installed on police and fire vehicles. This division also maintains all of the City's public address systems, paging and intercom systems, and police radar units.